Saturday, May 28, 2011

Star Cross † (Part Two)

These were some brain floaties of mine after having done the first part of this post. (if you don't get it:

I like this one the best. The halo on this one would be made with (yet again, my obsession) cartridges. Sorry they're all a bit scribbly. I get impatient and I just want to get the point across and record my ideas as fast as they come so they don't run away....

This one's a bit hard to see but, it has a sort of spiked headband with some sort of monster colored fringe on the front. Plus, black crosses painted on the arms.

It would be so fun just to splatter all this stuff with gold studs and jewels and what not.

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Thanks to:
Bloody Mary-Lady Gaga

Monday, May 23, 2011

Street Gypsies

Now is the time when your mind starts waking up from its frozen state and your inner animal urges you to wander outside at Midnight and welcome in summer with Magic Gypsy Spells.

Dawn your diguise.

Steal over-grown mint out of your neighbors yard and make midnight mint moroccan tea on your roof.

The middle of the street is where we belong.

Always carry spare tricks and lock picking tools in your carpet bag.

Like my jewelery? Thank you, it's all been "salvaged" out of the pockets of others. ^.^

Home is wherever i'm with you.

Lucas Logan, a gypsy of Hollywood.

Finally, Were Free

Desert Fool

Go Pick Out Your Junk Food

Don't Go

Hunt For Your Faux and Leathers!!

Waiting For The Walls To Tell Me A Secret

I'm dying to:
-Get in a car and just drive through the western desert I know so well in the stifiling, dry heat. Nothing but dust and Joshua trees.
-Climb on roofs at 3 am alone with a lighter, box of inscense and moroccan mint tea.
-Dress up in my finest disco, diva/gypsy/border line tranny outfit and dominate my favorite sushi bar.
I seem to talk about these things a lot....
Let's Be Free

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Change Your Taste In Men

Men's fashion is possibly more interesting to me than women's. Perhaps it's because it feels like in women's fashion, almost all borders have been crossed, all ideas spewed, and everything unthinkable has been thought and re-thought to the Nth degree.
In men's it feels as though it's an adventure that has just begun.

Here is pure gold from

Avant Garden

The Guardian: Andre J.

It's In His Bones

Multiple Identidies: Philippe L.

Black Has Never Been So Many Shades.

He's The Devil: Marcello L.

The Third Of His Kind

Parading The Streets of Paris: Adam T.

It's kind of sick and twisted how fashion makes me want to rip out my hair and break things, yet I keep coming back for more like i'm starved of it.

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Animals and Cannibals

It's a little sad when a brilliant, unbelievable idea comes floating across my head and I think, "You could totally get rich with that idea and everyone is going to think you're such a bad-ass." and then, I google the idea just to make sure i'm the original one but alas, i'm not.
I'm sad for about two seconds and then, I remember I have to little grubby, capable, crafting hands and why can't I make the same, if not better, idea into a canabalistic reality? Canabilistic as in:

Plastic Carnage

Is this how i'm going to end up??

Designer: Margaux Lange

I've been abusing my poor Barbies from the beginning.

I'm so excited to start chopping up Barbie dolls it's not even funny.

On a lighter, less morbid note:

Nagi Noda

I need these. For my own nerdy purposes, I need them.
They're called, "Necomimi" by the Japanese company, Neurowear. Cat ears that "move according to your mood."

Now this, I really need. When winter comes, who doesn't want the warmth of Chewy's fur??

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen