Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sixteen's Unsafe

Some general teenage angst and mindless behavior. I never want to grow up.

High school is eating my mind.

I draw something vulgar or ridiculous almost everyday in the bathroom stalls at school just to keep myself sane.

I remember I loved this stuff so much, that I thought I was the luckiest kid ever when I found and used a Blue Raspberry Lipsmackers rolling around on the floor of the school bus in second grade.

These are my current inspirations and aspirations.

I can't wait for Halloween. It's magic. It is by far the best holiday and beats the shit out of Christmas.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff- A Courtney Love Cotton Candy Affair

Imagine a workroom littered with bits of doilies, sequins, lace, baubles, the occasional Christmas decoration, general circus paraphernalia and all the while having a hint of goth, almost like dark humor. Imagine pictures of Courtney Love lovingly placed on the walls, along side the designs that make all these nonsensical things make perfect, glorious sense. Now imagine the creators (geniuses, if you will) of this room. To them, this room is a sacred, safe, unique place for creative outlet where no one but them are permitted to enter. In other words, a place where prodigy is born.

This is the world of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff.

I thought it was more Riot Grrrl. More desperate bride.
EM: Exactly. It was all about my childhood and my youth and the music and pictures I was into then, as well as just wanting to do things that were beautiful. I wanted to do the most beautiful gowns that we could do at this stage. I’m also obsessed with Christmas and decorations at the moment. I don’t really see how that’s so dark! If anyone projects anything dark or political into it it’s because they’re afraid not to. Do you know what I mean? Because we have this reputation for being little goths and being focused on misery! It’s just supposed to be pretty and not a great deal more.

"There’s a formula where people remove their own identity from their collections and pander entirely to the buyers. And I think that’s wrong."

-Benjamin Kirchhoff

The Spring Summer 2012 collection is a beautiful, riotous tribute to Courtney Love.

“We do not to have a signature but rather a handwriting. We like to tell stories in different ways.”

I believe I have just fallen in love.


(quotes from: http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/meadhamkirchhoff)