Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goody! Two Shoes and More Treasures to Seek

*****This blog post i warn you shant be short and sweet it is long and bitter; full of retail carnage, greed, and above all; fashion.*****
This year I scrimped and saved all my pennies and dimes in hopes of buying all those I love a heartfelt gift. It was just my luck when one day I just so happened to check my usually vacant email and discovered a great message indeed! BLACK CHANDELIER LIQUIDATION SALE!!!! And let me tell you, I certainly did partake of this grand event. You can certainly guess the rest of the whole ordeal. Christmas savings spent away in three hours and not a hint of regret. I can hardly remember anything aside from my mind being a blur of beautiful threads and fabrics of the wondrous creations of Jared Gold. Quite simply; I had a small but delightful diversion in to my own little heaven. The direction I had intended on taking this blog post has been side tracked (of course) from what I really wanted to spotlight (sometimes I get so caught up on talking about me; self-absorbed much?) yet, it isn't as irrelevant as you may think. Let me proudly introduce to you some more of Jared Gold's creations:

These are only a few of many wonderful, fantastical, shoes that resemble old fashioned spats with the glam and elegance of a new age. Don't stop quite yet for there is more to come. Choose your award from shiny prize ribbons; perfect as an accessory to tell the world just how amazing you are. I would highly recommend: saving your money in a piggy bank labeled, "Personal Charity", try to limit yourself to not buying everything of Mr. Gold's Etsy site, and finally when the time comes break open the pig! Wow...I sound like a bad info-mercial. I'll stop here for now and go to bed like a normal person who doesn't stay up until 1:00 am.

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Emma said...

dear olivia
i love you very much and i love this blog! its so fun and such a great idea! VERY chill