Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's Take You To Chanel, Because You Look Like Hell

These are the shocking and wonderous things that are currently running through my head like a streaker wearing a glittery unicorn head. These are the things that melt around and grow minds of their own in my imagination and enable me to say im truely an insomniac.

I don't just want a punk jacket, I need several.

Duh, of course I want one of these lucious things (I mean the jacket too, not just the sexy french:))

I basically just want to put rifle cartridges all over everything. I'm currently designing a pair of stillettos that should start to pacify my need for such things.

Good memories and of course, J-j-Jeffree Star bee-otch.

Can I just have her hair? Please? And is her hair dresser included in that deal?

I know I couldn't wear these as well as Jeffree Star does but, a girl can at least dream for legs like his.

Please, grow just a little longer, hair as in a 1 foot and a half longer.

I could read this book a million times and it still inspires me immensly. I always find something different when I read it as if the story changes. It's the most honest piece of literature i've ever come across.

Please cure me of this ridiculous obsession with crowns by just giving me more.

Um, is this not self explanatory? I would gladly trade my soul for these soles that look like something i've been dreaming of but never quite found since I was 5 and wearing my clear rainbow heart raincoat.

Most of this post was inspired by the super-diva Jeffree Star, thank him. What a babe.
More to come,
-Olive "You are who you wear; it's true, a girl's just as hot as the shoes she chooses"-Lady GaGa

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