Friday, August 19, 2011

Stupendous Room Ideas

I've always wanted a classroom skeleton to use as a mannequin for my clothes.

This is about as much of Jeanie's room as you see, but, I feel like we have a lot in common. (i.e. never seeming to be as sneaky as our siblings and always getting caught. As well as having sassy attitude.)

I think I need a poster of this in my room. Not too sure why.
One must always have something to keep their thumbs busy,

and a hoard of Japanese candy in a sneaky food box.

I also would like tons of Christmas lights and a tree growing in the middle of my room. As long as i'm wishing and dreaming my little heart out.
This candle will forever remind me of the good old days at the Black Chandelier. (from my own "Rejuvenation Shrine." Complete with crystals, stones, a peacock feather, figurine of Ganesh.)

And now for some shrinery, fairy dust and girly dressers.

I just remembered my sister having these on her ceiling and always wanting them.

The more I let my dirty ruffian side make decisions, the more I think it's a good idea to let my closet expand it's home into my actual bedroom. As well as cover all my wall space. I have a strange obsession with teenage bedrooms smothered in adolescent paraphernalia and would wander into my brother's room every chance I got so I could sit and stare with wonderment.

Making my room feel like a fort would renew my 8 year old dreams.

It shall be a Marie Antoinette, Day of The Dead, 90's kid, whimsical, zen garden, dirty punk bedroom if I have my way. And a dash of 6 year old me.


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Kelly-Ann said...

I'm totally getting behind the shrines and the girliness. My Little Pony!