Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homme Boys

Currently the most inspirational boys in fashion. What I wouldn't give to play dress ups with them...or dress down....

Can I please just touch you?

Taking over Lookbook one rad outfit at a time is, Vini Uehara. 


Model, Fransico Lachowski. This what they mean by sexy as f**k.


And where would we be without, Ash?        

Cole Mohr. Pure Love.
I love seeing the evolution of men's fashion. It's a corner of fashion that I feel like is still so unexplored and there's still so much to do. I constantly find it inspirational.

School has really been cramping my style but, the evil regime will come to and end in 18 days when I graduate early and start my real life (please don't dissapoint me, world.) Then it's the start of a chapter of my life i've already dubbed, "The Freedom Days." 

Dear God. It feels so good have finally blogged something of quality after so long...


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