Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Hail The Blowfish Queen

I'm baaaackk bitchesss!

After a two month hiatus, I have finally mustered up the courage to return to the land of the internet for some religious fashion blogging (though, for some reason I failed relentlessly to neglect my Tumblr). Within the last two months, let's just say I went MIA little bit what with there only being a few, short, last months of me being 17 (now i'm supposed to adult??) I spent those months sitting on my ass, on Tumblr, running around until the early hours of the morning being a complete, nasty teenager and all other sorts of shennnanigans but the celestial lights of blogging have beckoned me back.

Here's a sample plate of what i've been doing (or not doing):

My grandma shall, still looking white and clean before the Festival of Colors.

I know how much all of you enjoy seeing pictures of me stuffing a cupcake in my mouth so, I thought i'd just throw that in there.

So Blogspot, will you please take me back? I promise to blog only the most bad ass, most mind blowingly innovative shit this site has ever seen.

Sincerely, The Blowfish Queen

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