Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Greetings From A Teenage Alien

Lately i've been so afraid of getting older. I think about all the stupid things I never did in my teenage years and realize, they'll be over soon.

Anti-social, destructive, free, confused, angsty, radical, stupid, lovesick, alone, rebellious, spiteful.....sometimes I catch myself hoping that i'll never lose having these feelings at the kind of magnitude one experiences them as a teenager. Sure, most the time it sucks, but everyday is a day I can say, "I'll never be this young again, so bring it on."

And so, in spirit of being young and perserving the small yet signifigant, unique teenage years,

I present to you, The Guide On How To Be A Teenage Alien by me, A Teenage Alien.

Dye your hair various amounts of colors just to make a statement that you, are indeed rebellious and unpredictable.

Rejoice in the times when a stupid idea, seemed like the smartest thing to do.

Sneak out at least once or twice a week.

Obsess over something.

Deck out your room in the only way appropriate. That is, not appropriate at all.

Wear something slightly inappropriate to school just to spite everyone.

Have the most epic, teen love affair known to man kind. Love fiercely.

Party unil you can't.

Be completely shameless.

Eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

Pierce anything and everything.

A little vandalism never hurt.

Above all, be free. Be mentally, physically and spiritually free. Never again will you have the kind of relentless energy that comes with being a teenager and never again, will you ever be this young.


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