Sunday, June 19, 2011


There's nothing better than summer nights spent eating junk food, playing ghost in the graveyard and watching hours of horror films.

Violetta E.

Sarah Tops

Alexander McQueen-Paris Vogue

For all you gypsy and pagan needs:
Jewelry by Pamela Love. Get it HERE

Olivia Harrison

Don't forget to parade around the streets and gullies with your crown, whatever it may be made of.

Norelle Rheingold

Norelle Rheingold

Norelle Rheingold

Natasha Lillipore

MX Marion

Felice Fawn

Danni Danger

Alice Mary

The Secret Ingredients:

Oh the silly things we do at night...

Lil Pink Pink

I can't wait to cut up a (probably more than one cause i'll mess up due to excitement) T-shirt and try this!!

Monster colored hair!!

So much inspiration from such horrificly delicious images. These damn hipster kids on lookbook...they get me every time.
-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the horror. Time, time, time, time, time to understand the monster.

Teenage Battlefield-The Sounds
Seven Days a Week-The Sounds
Queen of Apology-The Sounds
Pork and Beans-Weezer
Beverly Hills-Weezer
In The Garage-Weezer
Smoke and Mirrors-RJD2

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