Monday, June 27, 2011

Confessions Of A Cat Lady

Celebrate the Cat Lady/ Gypsy Granny inside. You know you've always wanted to fill your house with useless, glittery, ancient, obscene, second-hand shit. Who doesn't want their house to look like the D.I.?? As for the cats, why just one??

I LOVED this editorial in Pop magazine when it came out! I had these all over my walls at one point. It reminds me of what I probably look like coming back from a long day at a charity store, sorting through all my dusty treasures that clog my room like the part on The Labyrinth where all that stuff comes bursting through her walls.

Who's Grandma doesn't have a mono colored bathroom?

Ahhh knitting, the all time therapy.

This reminded me of the hair dryer my Great Grandma had in her house. It actually used to scare me as a little kid...don't ask me why...

Taking pink hair to it's ultimate level. Dirty. Pink. Blonde.

It's almost like a creamy rhubarb color...look at me comparing everything to food...

The only way I can describe the style of my Great Grandma and my Grandma, is whimsy, and magic. Something I hope they have passed on to me.

One of my favorite parts of my Great Grandma was her INCREDIBLE collection of costume jewelry. It is like a glitter worshipping little girls dream. i.e. my dream. I'm lucky to have only a few pieces out of many. (not shown in these pictures however)

I love everything about the Aunts from Pushing Daises. From the synchronized swimming suits to their beautiful house that looks like the Butterfly house at the Zoo crossed with a library.

And of course, there's Iris Apfel. The ultimate style icon to all girls and women.

Here's the material to work with.

Granny sweaters, coats, and jackets are a must.

This post is in honor of my great grandma and grandma. I couldn't have better style icons than both of you. It is also in honor of the old woman I hope to become. Living on some sort of farm in a green place on a hill in a castle of a house fit for a gypsy witch, wearing whatever crafty outfits I want, having tea by the light of the moon in my garden. With my cats. Or guinea pigs. Whichever I have a herd of first.

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Sounds To Knit To:

Nan, You're A Window Shopper-Lily Allen
Rootless-Marina And The Diamonds
Chewing Gum-Annie

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