Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Of The Americana

I always find it hard to celebrate the 4th of July. Not that it isn't pure magic and fun running about my neighborhood at night with my fellow hooligan friends, lighting fire works, and eating loads of food at barbeques, decked out in our country's colors but, I still manage to have a love hate relationship with the whole idea of celebrating a country that:
so sneakily corrupts it's youth,

is a oh so drug happy nation,Jeremy Scott

is generally not the healthiest of them all,
Jeremy Scott

makes available the "American Dream" only to, Americans,

who aren't in fact, really Americans, but, the people who robbed the land from it's rightful inhabitants.

After all this, i'm supposed to try to be happy to live in America. But then, I have to remember that, as always, there's a light side to go along with the dark. After all, there are some parts of my American culture, I wouldn't trade for anything.

We do have Slurpees afterall. (and 7-11 for that matter)

Road trips mark every one of my summers.

Yes, Glitter was invented in America. I looked it up on Wikipedia.

MASSIVE grocery stores.

Being a bad-ass in general.

Beloved Saturday morning cartoons.

The main diet of all teenagers, CEREAL.

The seemingly endless boxes of Otter Pops to get us through the summer.

Cocacola. To save the world.

Boy Bands. That's all I have to say.

Tie Dye and the forever iconic, Hippy.

Taco Bell. They invented the "4th Meal" after all.

"In the garage, I feel safe, no one cares about my ways..."

Yes, they're disgusting, but how can you resist their pudgy goodness?

In the end, it IS good to be American. This is my version of America.

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Americano-Lady GaGa
Living In America-The Sounds
Hollywood-Marina And The Diamonds

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