Monday, January 3, 2011

The Crystal Ball

Seeing as there was either a lack of new ideas or just another brilliant revolution in fashion, around 2005 came the seeping in of "vintage" or "retro" in to modern day fashion and is still holds themes in many designers inspirations. We will start to see 60's to late 70's, and up into the 90's-reditions, in many designers' work these coming seasons. Seen, are lines, curves, patterns and colors inspired by these time periods. Heres a forecast of what this Spring has to hold:

Whats to See

Try out some 60's and 70's vintage shades this Spring/Summer

Like last year, there is still the streak of tastfully mixed patterns and bright colors (such as bright florals and tribal prints) with a vintage twist in the high wasted shorts.

Proenza Schouler, Pre Spring Collection 2010

Gogo get a dress

Urban Oufitters, Spring 2011
Prints For This Season
Versace, Spring/Summer 2011
More to come soon

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