Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh No!

This is by far one of the most golden moments of my exchange (what am I saying?? It was one of the best in MY LIFE)

Imagine already feeling like you're as close as you can get to heaven on earth. I.e. in a department store in Milan, inhaling the scent of the purfumes, leather Louis Vuitton purses, and generally feeling like the entire world is a good place as long as you're in a place where there are at LEAST four stories of nothing but pure goodness to pet and admire and use as motivation to get a job...if you catch my drift.

Almost impossible to make this already blissful moment of pure joy any better, right?

Oh, how it did.

I would recognize that voice anywhere!

You know which one I am, obviously, the weirdo who makes the blowfish face.
Just to make the night perfect, I promptly went to Zara afterwards, sobbed a little to myself about being surrounded by so many beautiful clothes and not being able to buy them all, but did of course buy a pair of lovely derby shoes, which after I bought, brought them up nervously to my host mom to see what she would say. She looked at the shoes and had a look that definitely said she didn't like them but, then said that my style reminded her of some of the crazy ways the French dress. In the way of compliments (especially coming from my host mom), this made me feel like a shiny penny for lack of a better phrase. Definitely going to keep that one.

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