Friday, January 7, 2011

The Menagerie of Beautiful Stuff

Just after New Years, there is a holiday celebrating a witch called, La Befana. During this holiday, children put out stockings (much like the ones Americans put out for Christmas) and in the middle of the night this witch, La Befana, comes and puts candy in the socks.
This holiday has nothing to do with Christmas, however...
I spent my first celebration of La Befana at a friends house in a town near mine. This house I can hardly describe in words.
The mess was magnificent.
It was like a menagerie. It bordered crazy cat lady house (hence the old people smell and my sneaking suspiscion that moths were going to come out of the closet in my guest bedroom and eat all my clothes) but, at the same time had a charm I couldn't deny. Almost every wall was covered in vintage art pieces and the apartment like build of the house made it feel even more like a maze of stuff much like how you would imagine The Room of Requirement. Old books were stacked everywhere and even the clutter was interesting. There were Truco cards, paper machet, arts and crafts supplies, candles, bottles, figurines, clocks, plants, and my favorite; hundreds of different creations all over the house due to the love of paper machet my friend's host mom has.
From lampshades, to furniture, to their Pianola complete with the words to music perforated sheets on the inside, almost everything could have come from the 1920's to 1970's

Of course I snuck around and took pictures.

My favorite!

One of the paper creations of my friend's host mom, featured on the ceiling to the entrance of the house.

Pieces in my friend's room

A bit tacky but, who doesn't love it? As well as a good shot of the paper machet.

The room I stayed in.

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