Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dig Through Your Boyfriends Closet

Ahhh..my version of a pajama day: something lightweight yet, sophistocated. And with style of course. The perfect idea of "just throw on the first thing you see" when you wake up in the morning. The best part is that it looks good with bed head and a clean, smoothed back 'do, depending on wether or not I abused the snooze button that morning. A fresh, white, button down dress shirt wether it belong to a man or woman (or worn by either) can give class to a "slap it together, I just barely rolled out of bed to find I was 20 minutes late to school and missed the bus but I still want to look fantastic."

Doo. Ri., Spring 2011

Band Of Outsiders,Spring 2011

Balenciaga, Spring 2011 Akris, Spring 2011

Marc Jacobs, Alice Roi, Stella McCartney and Oscar De La Renta Spring 2006

Here's a quick (quick as in 5 minutes of some scribbling with Crayola washables and a fine point Sharpie) sketch of the first outfit that came into my head. Sorry its a bit smallish and pixely and the scanner completely squashed her head into an unrecognizable shape but, congratulate me on figuring out how to at least use the scanner in Italian.

© Olive 2010. All rights reserved.

-Starched, white women's button up, untucked

-Mini, preferably with either sequins (i'm like a racoon; I can't stay away from glittery things) or a 60's, 70's or 80's pattern

-Shoes: Dr. Martens boots (color depending on mini) such as....

Although, these kicks are pretty Bad-A as well.
I think I would like to try my hand at a pair of my own...

This post curiously went from white shirts to Doc Martens. Who says getting distracted is always a bad thing??

Send me fine point Sharpies or i'll die. I'll soon have to bury the latest that i've been abusing.


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A FRIEND said...

i like this blog! its sort of like your other blog only with more drool!