Friday, February 18, 2011

Dude, That's So Legendary (or Fork)

Here's a bit of pen vomit that seems to explain it self and a bit of the inside of my brain nicely. It's kind of like a splatter of my creative juice and soul on a piece of paper. I apologize for the crapsie quality, seeing as I don't have acsess to a scanner, we gotsta do it the gito' way.

I like the sneaky look on her face.


Free Time.

My New Years Resolutions. The bottom part, written in Japanese says "happy" and "little god" if i'm not mistaken.

Yes, it's a copy of another piece, but, I like mine better and I wanted to try my hand at it. Plus, it resembled my inner mischievious

The results of low blood sugar and no decent sushi to be found. Plus monsters with crowns.

This reminds me of the puppet show house my parents bought for my sister and I when we were little.

My inner super woman.

I want to make the dress on the right when I get home. Go to the D.I.: find little dolls. Then sew little dolls to a dress. A perfect dress for skipping on down to the asian market on a hot summer day to get some shrimp chips and a cold Ramune.

Second version of the first. Inspired by: Italy, My Hair, Sage, LIGHTS, Dreams and of course Glitter.

First version.

Inspired by The Gorillaz and how Italians lungs are all probably on the blackish side but, their hearts and souls are beautiful. Also, I wanted to draw a heart the proper way. Don't ask me why I did it. I know Italy isn't the only country that smokes but, my pink lungs cant handle it much longer.

Inspiration comes from being sick of being too poor for Anthropology and Free People so i'll just make my own damn cool clothes and wanting to make a winter dress out of a dusty velvet color.

Yet, another Koi. Perhaps they are my patron saint animals or, my dark side...who knows.

Pretending I don't understand enough to follow along in History of Arte, gets me this.

Inspired by sitting on the back of a boat my first day in Italy watching the giant jellyfish that look like the ones from Jabu Jabu's belly in The Ocarina of Time.

Since last year when I discovered via modern technology i.e. internet you could order studs, spikes and all manner of supplies to keep any biker chick or angsty punk happy for an incredibly low price, I started designing more stuff featuring them. Let's just say the next bit of sewing i'll be doing will involve more heavy duty tools from the garage and bloody fingers. Sorry if I get your tools dirty, Dad.

This program was sponsered in part by:
The Gorillaz
La Roux
The Shiny Toy Guns
Deltron 3030
The Mighty Boosh
Lily Allen
Blink 182

Con mucho gusto!

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