Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's Be Six Again And Make A Creative Mess

This was my reply to a question of how to brighten up a dark and dreadful winter on one of my friends blog posts. I was so astounded at how my brain's bladder was obviously bursting to get all this out into existence.
Kick Winter's Ass With A Much Needed Creative Mess
(But this time, the Creative Mess will be revered)

-I like taking really hot baths in the winter (like so hot the whole bathroom steams up and you cant see anything) and put all my toys in the bath like when I was little and then pretend im a tree frog living in the jungle. It warms me up and makes me think i'm somewhere else for a while. You can even pretend youre other animals so you have a whole jungle joobalee (that is not how you spell it but, it looks better that way:))
-Make a destination heart attack A La Mode i.e. A most wonderous concoction thought up one boring winter day while watching Gilmore Girls, (don't make fun of me, I didn't have control over the remote...)it is quite simply a pile of Twinkies, Nutella, bananas, cookie dough, and vanilla ice cream. Best idea I ever had.
-Play dress ups naturally
-Make a zoo tycoon on your bedroom floor out of origami animals and stuff you find around the house
-Make a big ass, over the top, sparkly, pink, Glinda the Good Witch gown and wear it to school with a crown
-Paint good ideas and thoughts all over your ceiling when they happen to come to you in the middle of the night
-Make your room in to a Japanese tea garden
complete with TONS origami flowers, real flowers if you can get them, feathers, christmas lights, pillows, some sort of sitar/ (again not how you spell it)Bjork/Donavan/Beethoven playing in the background, dress up of course, if you can, put a humidifier in there somewhere and sip tea to your hearts content. Also include fortune cookies.
-Make a butt load of masks like the ones on Mirror Mask
-Get some old shoes at the D.I. and glue cool objects to them. Wear.
-Make peasant stew and hand it out to people on the street dressed as a peasant saying encouraging things to get people through the winter. (maybe you shouldn't do this actually....)
-Make sushi
-Have a pants off-dance off

-Play Calico Critters

-Dress up your cat in drag.....Or dog

A Little Babushka-Nonna works as well.

Lovliest Bro, rest in peace my dear old friend:)) You were indeed the best that ever graced the planet.

One of these ideas are bound to make your winter less gray and more glitter.

Con mucho gusto,

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