Friday, February 11, 2011

An Edgumacation

I have finally started my fashion course at school! I kept having to chase down the "prof" and somehow sincerely ask in Italian if I could join the ranks of the oh so grand and mighty 5th years and mantain my dignity at the same time. But, I have officially started and had my first class! We are 6 students in total but, I like it that way. The professor started by giving me a lesson on how to split up a model figure into segments, but then told me that it wasn't all that important seeing as we don't really care what the model looks like as much as the actual garment and basically just let me go on my own after she saw my sketchbook. I have never actually designed in a class room setting and was surprised at how hard it was to spark something up as if I had stage fright and I think the professor could see it because by the end of the hour I hadn't done anything to be that proud of so she told me I could work on it at home in case "something came to me there." It's always good to have an art teacher with an artist's mind.
Let's hope for the best but, how could it go wrong? Fashion design class in Italy?? I even have books and everything! Yeseriee...

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