Monday, February 28, 2011

Sugary, Buttery, Twinkies (that doesn't sound dirty, right?)

So, we've (we, meaning America, naturally...) pretty much been one step behind Japan and Korea this whole time. What am I saying? The whole world is behind. (But especially us, as in, U.S.) I couldn't help but notice the uncanny similarities between the costuming in Rihanna's new music video for "Who's That Chick?" (as well as other videos that have recently come out) and what was done quite a while ago (i.e. 2K9) in a Korean pop song done by the oh-so- amazing and fashionable, 2NE1 and the hottest-freaking-oh-my-good-lord-i'm-going-to-move-to-Korea-just-for-that band, Big Bang. Let's play a matching game:

Sure, Rihanna's got a few more flowers and boo-tay shakin' but, you have to admit the Koreans are too damn cute to resist. Someone who no-speaky-good-engrish (I promise i'm not racist...) made an interesting observation on the comment list by saying, "If this song in English, it blow up in America!" Basically, if a song isn't in English, we don't have the patience to listen to it? It sounds almost the same as Rihanna's...just saying.
I suppose we will never catch up to their brilliant minds.
But really?? Who do they have on their side??? Is it really just their brilliant minds or, do they have some sort of secret weapon that they are hogging all to themselves?? THE JAPANESE CREATED NINTENDO FOR PETE'S DRAGON. And where would I be without that? (I would have hung out with friends that aren't pixels a lot more, thats's for sure, but besides the point.)
They must have some sort of divine connection to the Fashion Gods (if those exist, and if they do, that means there is a Fashion Heaven and if thats true, I hope they still let me eat Twinkies, otherwise i'd rather not go.)
But, I mean really. Just look at where they were in 2009 and how slow we were to catch up.

And this is just such obvious evidence it hurts: Japanese and Korean Vogue. I love how each Vogue represents the style and fashions of the country it was printed in: (verbal detour here)
France: Sassy. Always keeps their connection to Miss Coco by being sophistocated and timeless yet, incredibly original and whimsy. Their style is innocent and pretty while at the same time has a power behind it. Kind of like the French in general; beautiful, talented, seemingly sweet but at the same time, they will turn that all around and verbally (excuse my...French) bitch slap you...or for reals bitch slap you if you don't follow their rules.
Italy: Sex appeal and always room for food. Sophistocated, like the French, yet a little more life to it. Almost anything you see in Italian fashion can be kept in your wardrobe for years and years.
America: Mod Podge. It's basically just a collage of everything because America is a melting pot anyways. But, they always come back to the same old, red, white, and blue pride; the American housewife, the American buisness woman, the American beauty queen etc etc...

But, the Japanese and Korean Vogues are always the ones I go to first at Barnes and Noble. They are like Twinkies and Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles sitting right next to those things in the grocery store called vegatables. It's the same voice in the grocery store that's in Barnes and Noble. This voice is like one of my wiser friends telling me it's a bad thing that one of my top life goals is to eat a whole stick of butter dipped in sugar rather than go to college. I like to tell these voices they are wrong and will never understand. It always comes back to bite me in the butt...or in the thighs if it involves food. Just like vegatables, the more sophistocated, "grown up" Vogues if you will, are better for you in the long run. Screw it, you know where i'll be found tomorrow, at Barnes and Noble behind a neon colored magazine the size of the Bible, ruining it's silky, pretty pages with my buttery, sugary fingers.
Japan: It's like Japan takes something it was inspired by, and puts it on hallucinogenic drugs or better yet, steroids. What I mean is, they take something amazing, and pump it up to a deafening volume that we can't seem to get enough of. It's kind of a sick and twisted obsession, really. They are so up to date, it could be considered a crime.
Korea: All that was said above applies here. Both cultures have this endless desire engrained in them to constantly chase perfection (although it is said to be impossible, they are as close as I have ever seen, which is frightening to me that you can get that close) almost to the point of killing themselves. They have such a strong drive for this, they have to beat the rest of the world at everything and way ahead of schedule at that. It makes me sad, but, like I said, I have this sick obsession with what they do, thereby reinforcing the madness.
Plus, they did the hipster, asian bun, with bangs, way before anyone else did.

It makes me scared to think of what they have up their little Yohji Yamamoto sleeves next.
You know there's more where this came from,

p.s. I want every outfit in this video. I know it would look good on me too, even my Hobbit legs. I'm sure of it. They are Asian afterall. Promise i'm not racist.

This post is thanks to a certain sassy Korean girl who supplies me with more reasons everyday to envy her and the rest of her country.


Visual Effervescence said...


This was just... wonderful! I agreed with everything you said and quite frankly, I'm a little jealous of how well you express your views on current Korean/Japanese music and fashion; I wish I could voice my opinion that well 8P I'm surprised! I had no idea you were so into this stuff... I guess we should talk more often! btw, have you ever watched any Korean dramas? Those are just... fantastic!
(I guess I'll have to stalk your blog from now on, eh?)

Olive said...

Why thank you!:)) I adore them to say the least!;) It made me so happy to be called Chibi Chan again!! And yes, we MUST talk more often!