Sunday, April 3, 2011

Call Of The Glitter Rebels; Yell Of The Gully Hooligans

He do not care
sittin' over there
get up, stand up now
wake up the animal inside of you.
I think it should be inside.

It's spring time. Naturally, my animalistic instincts are telling me to frisk and frollic about in some grubby gully nearby in dress ups, playing Cowboys and Indians (except, no one ever plays the cowboy because they are usually the douchebags of the story and don't get to smear mud on their face and dread all manner of things in their hair). However, being in Italy, I am required to be "lady-like" or whatever and the frollisking will have to wait until I get back to Umerica where I can be free to do such shinannagins in my more well known and explored gullies.
This said, I can still put up inspirations that make it just that much harder to stay indoors and resist the only natural, desperate urge to lose my "humanity" for the sake of delicious warm weather and to keep the feathers, glitter, and mud out of my hair and the war paint off my face.
Can I just have this entire collection because i'm the pure essence of awesome and I would give these clothes the justice and right accessories they deserve?? I'll gladly take the boys clothes too, thank you very much. Did they steal my paper crown prophecy or what??
(These are pieces from the Coco De Coeur 2011 S/S "Rebel Yell" and 2010 A/W "Wasted Youth" collections.)

Here are some other major inspirations responsible for my restless need for tomfoolery:
Who doesn't aspire to be like Vince Noir? That's what i'd like to know...

Them dirty hipsters and their "vintage" cameras get me every time...
Rufio! Rufio! Rufio!

Dirty punk teenagers...:))

Shoes that i'm still determined to make when I am back on American soil where there are my more familiar craft stores and my second home, the D.I. (I always get a good hearty thrill on the basement floor where they keep the household items by trying to wrestle all the good loot out of all the dirty hobos death grips.)

Naboo is my personal Shaman/psychiatrist

The Mighty Boosh is the end all, be all and makes me happy and reboots my creativity machines in their darkest hour.
So, wake up the Animal inside of you, as Annie puts it, "I think it should be inside."
Be rambunctious. Make a mess. Dread your hair with mud and glitter. Start a gully war with your local geek friends. Play dungeons and dragons in the basement. Play dress ups and march about town in paper crowns. Vandalize things with Sharpies. Plaster yourseves in sidewalk chalk. Have midnight Moroccan Mint Tea Parties on the garage roof. Cast magic spells in a rainstorm....well now i'm just getting into summer aren't I?

"This is black magic. This is hardcore. Don't mess with the occult."-Naboo

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

Soundtrack to this post:
Crystal Castles-Magic Spells
Gary Numan-Cars
The Prodigy-Warrior's Dance

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