Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Still Play With Barbies

If you know me well enough, you would have known already that I do indeed still play with my old Barbies and still envy what they wear. I WILL make my dream come true and have my own version of their wardrobe. I remember the good old fashioned Barbies; MY Barbies. The ones who were glamourous and not mainstream tarts in a box. The ones with a billion colors and sparkles in their fabulous diva wardrobe that I always dressed up as and aspired to own one day.
In case you didn't know what to get me for my birthday:
I would say, "Here are a few of my favorites." but, that would be a lie because, I want everything on that website, especially the Unicorns.


Mischief Managed (for my fellow nerds, you know why I love this apart from the color)

Medusa (a perfect color to wear while seeking revenge)

Empress (a power color, Ladies)

Dragon Scales GIVE IT TO ME


The best part is that it is all vegan for our dear friendies the animals. Get it HERE

Alexander McQueen

Christopher Kane (as well as the galactic beauties below)

Chanel Vintage

Lazy Bones Vintage

" "

I don't know who made these but it looks like a good old fashioned DIY day at the D.I. and craft store.

A bit of genie magic with Lazy Bones Vintage again

And yet, again

A fantastical ring that makes me drool but, sadly sold out on sparrowprince's Etsy shop. Check it out anyways PORTAL TO GLITTERY UNICORN RING LAND

Lazy Bones

This is all from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

My desires haven't changed since I was 3 and first saw glitter and fell in love with it. It's the only love I need because it makes me feel like nothing is wrong with the world or me.

H&M's Fashion Against Aids

Let's go to the roller disco.

I need to have these shoes, or i'll die.

So, I guess I could say i'm really loving glitter (big surprise) with a mix of 70's disco and the magical shapes and colors of the 60's. Who doesn't?

Stay Glittery on the inside, and Sparkly on the outside. As always, eat Twinkies for the sake of health.
-Olive, The Blowfish Queen
The Disco In My Head:
My Name Is Skrillex-Skrillex
Come On Over-Christina Aguilera (don't ask...)
Electric Lover-Breathe Electric
Mellow Yellow-Donavan
This playlist has nothing to do with the subject...

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