Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Ideas Are Always The Stupid, Dangerous, Yet, Fun Ones

Just look at the Canon quality of these fantastic photos. This is where a Costco camera gets you...poor thing, I shouldn't trash talk it because everytime I say something bad about a piece of technology, it poops on me, as in dies on me. Anyways, heres some brain leakage and what i've been itching to make for my wardrobe this Fall (?)

Above, from the left to right, is an idea for punk/denim jacket with obviously, lots of studs. Then, an dress with some sweet shoulder pads, and the last is a denim vest with Legos on it.


This, and the one below, is a for a project in my fashion class at school. We are designing by our inspirations from the greatest artist of all time, Alphonse Mucha. Naturally, my "take" on it is so twisted and "inspired" that it hardly looks like Mucha anymore, what with the neon colors and Liberty Spikes all over creation. Although, the idea and elements remain, such as: the crowns, the toplessness, the highly decorated accessories etc etc...

I want to make these so bad, it gives me insomnia (not that I wouldn't be insomniatic without the idea) just having to wait to make them. This is obviously the work in progress, the sketch, the "rough draft" if you will. I mentioned them before and heres the idea on paper, finally.
Yes, I want them this tall.
Yes, they are a little frightening.
Yes, they do look like tranny shoes.
And yes, there are rifle cartridges on the front.

I finally grew up (or down...?) and bought my very first romper!! I know i'm like, 5 years late but, going shopping in a foreign country where your mother isn't there to scan what you buy (she has the right, after all if she's paying, I know) has it's perks.

More from fashion class.
My attempts at trying to make a poopy sketch taken with a poopy camera look artsy and hipster.

These are some more for my personal collection.

I will soon post a clearer, bigger, colored idea of this but, my dream shoes for this collection thus far consist of: Black pumps, one pair with crystals sticking out the toe, one pair with wings on the heels, and another with rifle cartridges. As well as, a series of highly (and I mean HIGHLY) glittery shoes (i.e. pink, green, red, gold, and silver) shoes with rhinestones all over them, the platform hightops that I posted earlier, the shoes with the spine bones for heels, Dr. Martens, and shoes with all manner of small items found at the D.I. (you know the weird little objects and Happy Meal toys you find around the house and send to the D.I.?) glued to them...

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen
Sounds to kill to:
Beauty Killer-Jeffree Star
Photograph-Shiny Toy Guns
Major Tom-Shiny Toy Guns
Kill Everybody-Skrillex
Oh No!-Marina And The Diamonds

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