Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Animals and Cannibals

It's a little sad when a brilliant, unbelievable idea comes floating across my head and I think, "You could totally get rich with that idea and everyone is going to think you're such a bad-ass." and then, I google the idea just to make sure i'm the original one but alas, i'm not.
I'm sad for about two seconds and then, I remember I have to little grubby, capable, crafting hands and why can't I make the same, if not better, idea into a canabalistic reality? Canabilistic as in:

Plastic Carnage

Is this how i'm going to end up??

Designer: Margaux Lange

I've been abusing my poor Barbies from the beginning.

I'm so excited to start chopping up Barbie dolls it's not even funny.

On a lighter, less morbid note:

Nagi Noda

I need these. For my own nerdy purposes, I need them.
They're called, "Necomimi" by the Japanese company, Neurowear. Cat ears that "move according to your mood."

Now this, I really need. When winter comes, who doesn't want the warmth of Chewy's fur??

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

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