Monday, May 23, 2011

Street Gypsies

Now is the time when your mind starts waking up from its frozen state and your inner animal urges you to wander outside at Midnight and welcome in summer with Magic Gypsy Spells.

Dawn your diguise.

Steal over-grown mint out of your neighbors yard and make midnight mint moroccan tea on your roof.

The middle of the street is where we belong.

Always carry spare tricks and lock picking tools in your carpet bag.

Like my jewelery? Thank you, it's all been "salvaged" out of the pockets of others. ^.^

Home is wherever i'm with you.

Lucas Logan, a gypsy of Hollywood.

Finally, Were Free

Desert Fool

Go Pick Out Your Junk Food

Don't Go

Hunt For Your Faux and Leathers!!

Waiting For The Walls To Tell Me A Secret

I'm dying to:
-Get in a car and just drive through the western desert I know so well in the stifiling, dry heat. Nothing but dust and Joshua trees.
-Climb on roofs at 3 am alone with a lighter, box of inscense and moroccan mint tea.
-Dress up in my finest disco, diva/gypsy/border line tranny outfit and dominate my favorite sushi bar.
I seem to talk about these things a lot....
Let's Be Free

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

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