Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Change Your Taste In Men

Men's fashion is possibly more interesting to me than women's. Perhaps it's because it feels like in women's fashion, almost all borders have been crossed, all ideas spewed, and everything unthinkable has been thought and re-thought to the Nth degree.
In men's it feels as though it's an adventure that has just begun.

Here is pure gold from

Avant Garden

The Guardian: Andre J.

It's In His Bones

Multiple Identidies: Philippe L.

Black Has Never Been So Many Shades.

He's The Devil: Marcello L.

The Third Of His Kind

Parading The Streets of Paris: Adam T.

It's kind of sick and twisted how fashion makes me want to rip out my hair and break things, yet I keep coming back for more like i'm starved of it.

-Olive, The Blowfish Queen

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